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Default Quetion regarding memory overclock/data corruption

So I overclocked my ram today and it passed 10 passes of memtest and also successfully ran few loops of 3dmark vantage and 3dmark06 in windows without crashing or bluescreen so I concluded it's all stable and good.

But as soon as I shutdown my computer and rebooted afterwards, I was granted by annoying "Checking your C drive NTFS This file need to check for consistency and is recommend that you check it or you can skip it" message.

So why do you guys think this happened? I mean I know the cause of the problem is ram which I have overclocked beyond it's capability, but then why did it pass 10 passes of memtest? From my understanding memtest is far more reliable tool than this or is it not? Or is there any problem elsewhere?

Btw cpu is stress tested with both linpack and intelburn(1hour&20pass). Memory is rated at 1066 but I overclocked them at 1080.(changed multiplier from 1:1 to 4:5) I knew corrupted hard drive has had 17 bad sectors in it but it's not counting up anymore and it has never caused problem like this before, and as soon as I remove memory overlclock message went away anyway so I don't really think that's the cause either. (new drive on it's way though)

So could someone guess and explain what has likely happened to my system by reading this? At the moment I'm at a loss to be honest.

This is what my sytem spec's like, thanks.

Core2Quad Q9550E0 3.83G TRUE
Gigabyte EP45-UD3R
Zotac GTX 280 1GB
4GB G.Skill DDR2 PC2-8500PK
SoundBlaster X-FI XtremeMusic
Corsair TX 750W
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