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The side missions were all identical, and I do not mean similar you were on the same map with the same annoying mountains in the same annoying vehicle with the same base with the same objective. The only difference is on was green and another was red. And they made up a large part of the game. And they arent that skippable if you want/need money.

Another point is the fact that you could essentially buy the best equipment right off the bat. There is no way you should be able to get the experimental specter gear at level 1.

Combat, I dont know, it was neutral, not a big fan of third person shooters. I can see the advantage of say being able to zoom out every once in a while to control squadmates but I like to be able to aim myself. It wasnt horrible, but it was by no means good. It was ok, and it amused me for a while before becoming tedious.

Some smaller gripes which do add up for me were the underpopulation of everything, the talk of colonies but the inability to visit them, the vehicle, the unlikability of several of the characters- the krogan made up for that to some degree, the blatant good vs badass conversation choices-are we that stupid that we were unable to decipher that on our own? There was a lot of talk of interesting things in the game but none of them came to fruition. The game had very little replay value for me personally, I may be alone in that. The first playthrough got dull for me. It also had the feeling of console port in a big way. So lots of little things, a few big and I think I am done rambling, its been a while since Ive touched it. I'm just glad that Dragon Age was quite the departure.
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