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Hey guys, Thanks kindly for the replies!

@zoob - Skew is available to be adjusted, but I do not know how to appropriately adjust and test this parameter. Any advice on this from your experience would be appreciated!

@chris - I have always kept the VDimm within 0.45V of VTT

Re: LLC on vs off, here are the results on my computer LLC on - 1.28125V target; 1.248V idle; 1.232V load (-0.26V; 21% droop under load) LLC off - 1.36875V target; 1.312V idle; 1.280V load (-0.32V; 24% droop under load) I realize that I didn't use the same target voltages so this may be skewed, but given this data, is it suggested I leave LLC on or off (I realize my BIOS voltage will need to be set higher with LLC disabled). Thanks again!
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