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Default PC World Says Mac > PC - WTF?

(Didn't know where else to post this?)

Ok just to get this straight I am not being a fanboy I am legitimately confused by the scores and claims of PC World's Top Ten Performance Notebooks.

PC World published an article about how the new Macbook Pro was the fastest machine out there to run Vista. Ok fair enough, might be true. Don't really know about that since I can't find any actual Vista benches (If you know where they are link me). But the WorkBench tests that they run on the machines show many of the PC notebooks beating the Macbook Pro. Even when the PC notebooks are clearly inferior machines hardware wise? And the PC machines are also less expensive, lighter, smaller etc...

You be the judge. Any thoughts welcome :)

The Article
PC World - Apple MacBook Pro

The Top Ten
PC World - Chart - Top 10 Power Laptops

Top 3 Side by Side
PC World - PC World
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