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Default Cool those VRMs!

I picked up a gtx 260 55nm at future shop a few weeks back. Ran it on air in SLI with my watercooled one. I'm waiting for my waterblock for it. The other night I decided I'd clamp my existing block to it and run it single, find out what it can do before I pair it up. slapped on some ramsinks and my exisiting block, bios modded the voltage to 1.18 (reading 1.3 with my meter) and gave it a shot.

I've been trying for 2 days to get this thing to clock decently, can't even run 680 without faulting in 10 minutes. Never tops 45c either.
I noticed that even though the vrms were not heat sunk to the stock cooler that they were running sizzling hot, burn the finger hot, so I made some sinks out of an old northbridge block and expoxied them on. I've been stable at 740 now and am going to up it further.

Looks like the vrms are fine for stock speeds but you definitely need to cool them if you are going for max clocks.
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