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Default Dust friendly computer?

Next year I'm moving to a new house, garage is nearly twice as big, so it's a clean slate to make my workshop just the way I like it. Anyway I want to put a computer out there. Primary concern is I do wood working out there and the machine will quick fill up with sawdust. I certainly don't need a lot of processing power for what I need to do. It'll be used for playing some working tunes, displaying my CAD drawings and very minor CAD work like a quick change or checking dimensions etc. saving me about 6 miles of total walking back and forth to my main machine in the basement, and a little bit of internet use.

I'll probably pick everything up used that I need, I'm sure any C2D or even an old athlon XP would probably be good enough. I've got a couple things like an old 17" LCD P.O.S. monitor. Is there and type of hardware or build method that would lend it self better than standard stuff. Should I just make a basic tower, seal up the gaps, use that fluffy filter stuff over the intake holes and call it a day?

To me that last solution probably seems the simplest but I thought I'd throw this out there incase somebody had some good ideas.
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