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Default DIR-615 Losing internet connection...


For the past 2 months, Ive been experiencing random internet disconnections with my DIR-615 router. Surprisingly, the local network is still accessible while the internet drops. Also, my cable modem lights show that there is no problem with the internet connection when I look at it during the internet disconnection.

I have assigned IP's to all of the computers on the home network besides the 2 laptops, that uses DHCP.
Here's a log of my router:


I dont understand much of that stuff, besides this:
""" Obtained IP Adress using DHCP. IP address is """"
If i type that IP in firefox or windows explorer, I don't get any results. Also, this is not an IP on my LAN.

I really want to fix this problem so I can play games without getting disconnected every hour or so =/!

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