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That should be fine since Feser One is mostly just distilled water anyways. Generally when I am filling my loop I have to completely fill the res at least five times, between each time running the pump and tipping the case every direction, including upsidedown, on its front, on both sides and if on the back if possible. Remember that when the pump is off, the bubbles will always travel to the highest part, so you can maneuver the case so that the bubbles travel back to the res. And once it seems like all the large air bubbles are gone, the res will still need to be topped off in a few days from the smaller air bubbles stuck in the blocks. Just keep your eye on the res and make sure it doesn't drop too low. You can try running just the pump and each component separately to make sure there is no blockage in any of them, but generally that wont cause air bubbles since the air can get through a tiny gap.
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