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My System Specs


Thanks for the reply's guys and sorry I couldn't get back to this thread earlier.

Originally Posted by LCB001 View Post
Are you wanting to run Folding@Home (F@H) or Rosetta@Home (R@H) as they are two different distributed computing programs.

Folding usually refers to F@H and dosn't use much bandwidth.

Running Rosetta and other Boinc projects is commonly referred to as Crunching to differentiate it from F@H.

In R@H you have the option to choose how long each task is crunched for, changing the runtime from the default 3 hrs to something like 8 hrs or more per task will minimize the bandwidth used.

FYI I have 6 GPU and 3 CPU clients running F@H, and also run Rosetta@Home, Poem@Home, Seti@Home and WCG and rarely exceed 180 mb a day.

If you feel R@H will use too much bandwidth consider running Poem@Home as it uses very little...

From what I see, I doubt that folding will affect my internet usage. At least not until I can put out numbers like that.

Thanks man

Originally Posted by Apollo4g View Post
Just noticed LCB001 is in QC. I wonder how much PPD QC is producing for HWC, we should do a count, LOL

Sorry off the topic
He he. I'm sure a set-up like that can calculate the results for us as well
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