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My System Specs


Looks great although I have some questions... but first I would like to say if they got rid of the bezels I would buy it but since they are there no buy from me ;). Now on to the questions... First is there any way to have the hud only on the center monitor because I think it might be too far to the left to see your ammo and stuff and then check on the right for the map. So that can take up a lot of time and you may get killed because of that. I check my ammo and map/radar very often so I think it would be a problem. Also It would be nice to see if you could play some FPS and sit next to a wall. On some FPS your view will go through the wall and can be used for cheating. I have noticed this on 1920x1200 and up so I am curious because this is ultra wide screen.

If I were to go EF I would stick with 3 screens because if you go with 6 then your center view is right in the middle of 2 bezels and that would suck balls.

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