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My System Specs


Why you don't just buy the same G.Skill 4gb 1066 .... is it because they are not available ?
I was hoping to find another 4Gb used actually. When I bought my 4Gb kit it was $65. Now the same kit is $115. It's ridiculous!

I think he may be worried about having to return it if it doesn't work (which is a pain in the ass especially if he bought it online)
Sort of. I don't want to buy a 4Gb kit used off someone and find out it's not gonna work. Then I'm stuck with an extra 4Gb kit. I suppose I could resell it, but it's a pain.

If you already have the RAM just cram it in there and make it do a few passes with memtest. If it works, well..... then it works.....
I don't have the ram for it. Although I suppose I could test it with the stuff that's coming for my other PC I just bought on here.
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