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My System Specs


Originally Posted by CTA View Post
but 2 tb is too big for one c:\ (system) ... have to partion it... does it affect on the preformance...? :\
YES, on both questions. The whole drive in one partition is FAR FAR to large for an OS drive. Partitioning a drive that large WILL slow overall performance simply because every time the head stack has to move from one logical drive to the next, it is forced to travel at least as far as it takes to reach the logigal drive containing the last file to be accessed. That often means crossing great expanses of empty drive space. I NEVER recommend doing it on a OS drive in particular for that exact reason. People have a tendency to go absolutely nuts with some of the wildest partitioning schemes I've ever seen in my life when it is absolutely NOT necessary, and very often counter productive and degrades performance. Concentrate instead on learning how to create a custom directory (folder) structure that best meets your needs. NOT using horrendous numbers of partitions saves a lot of wear and tear on such large drives as well.

Now, one last recommendation. If you are going to have two physical drives, one of which isn't accessed all that often, then set windodz to put a page file on each drive. Thusly, when windows needs to page to disk, it will page to whichever is the least busy at the time, which CAN be beneficial to performance and is infinitely wiser than making a special partition on any ONE drive just for it. Set the page file size to about 150% of the total amount of memory installed, and the more the merrier because it reduced paging needs. Setting the page file size to a fixed size reduces/eliminates page file fragmentation.

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