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Originally Posted by Mr. Friendly View Post
I know, eh? only mATX mobo...which is the pits being there's no performance focused mATX mobo's out there! I have wondered for quite some time if/when a mobo manufacturer would realize the market out there for one and take advantage of it.

if you still have the case with you Wankerfx, would you consider taking the rubber feet off just for a comparison to see where the issue is?

and I can appreciate that you love your TT as a cooler, but if you're going to review other cases, it may be an idea to adopt something smaller, as I won't be surprised if you run into problems with more cases while using it. it's not a cooler that every Tom, Dick n Harry would be using, so a complaint about stuff not fitting right would become a constant. while it sucks that the case may not have consideration for a cooler of that size, even a smaller, but powerful cooler, would inidcate to you how much room there is or isn't, so you could air a warning about a possible conflict with the jumbo sized HSF. :) just a thought...

btw, how badly did the paint job on the metal and plastic mark up with finger prints?
Sure, I'll try to take the feet off when I power down and I'll report back the next time I'm online. I'll see if I can get a hold of a stock Intel cooler - I guess I have to buy a new CPU

Seriously though, I'll go shopping around and will probably pounce on a good deal when I find one.

There aren't any fingerprints on the case, even after ~2 weeks of use; maybe it's because I use purel everyday... The case would probably be covered in prints if you let your body oils accumulate for a few days, but they can easily be wiped off with a suede rag.
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