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Lightbulb Llama's non-llama-related Worklog!

So I finally stopped being lazy and decided to post my build! The next step is to continue when I order my watercooling parts on payday! And sorry for the crappy pictures, one can only do so much with a 3.2mp Camera Phone. Anywho, onto the specs!

Case - Gigabyte 3D Aurora 570
Mobo - Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe
CPU - AMD 64 X2 6000+
GPU - EVGA 8600GT Overclocked
RAM - CRUCIAL BallistiX Tracer 2GB PC2-6400 (2x1gb)
PSU - ANTEC TruePower Quattro 850w
HD' 1 - 200GB
HD' 2 - 300GB
OS - Windows XP Home
Yes, I know, I really need to update my GPU, but I'm trying to hold out for the Geforce 9 Series! And as for the HD'S, I didn't even think about checking the make of them when I had them out!

Ok! Time to start my super awesome (read; not really) build! My wonderful parts where housed in my yet to fail Antec P180, but we decided we needed to move on. She just wasn't big enough and wouldn't let me look at what she's hiding under the hood (such a smoking body, but she would hide her insides T_T). So let's look at the last known picture of this beauty shall we!

Even now I think she is quite lovely looking, don't you? But a guy has needs you know! I just couldn't handle another lonely night in my room. So after searching for someone new to take that little part of my heart, I found her. My oh so sexy Aurora! She came knocking on my door one day, and behold, she came not only wearing sexy clothing, but her little sister, the Quattro!

Anywho, time to stop racking my mind with this story revolving my worklog! Plus if this keeps up I'll never think of a computer case the same again.

So I didn't even wait to crack this beast open after work, following by a swift drooling over the awesomeness of it! First thing I though was "This beast is huge" mind changed once I compared the size with my old Antec! They are almost the same size, or at least the exterior is, the inside is a whole matter all together!

Like I said, there actually isn't that much difference in the exterior size of it, but I still think the Aurora is a much sexier case! One thing I found out about the P180, is cable management. There is almost no way to do proper cable management unless you want to spend tons of time and some Velcro! Here is a closer picture of that mess I called a rig!

Yeah, only a little messy. Time to carry on shall we? Next is my Quattro 850w which I managed to grab thanks to early mornings! Hats off to SKYMTL for placing it up there!

And of course, a picture of the wonderful PSU itself;

I'll admit, I was really sketch about the racing stripes, but after seeing them in person, I must say it really is a nice addition!

Back from work, time to continue on shall we?

So, where were we? Oh yes, onto gutting the Antec (sounds so violent! )! Armed with my trusty screwdriver we tackled the case and before we knew it, we gutted it onto the floor! and yes, I was to lazy to take the memory out for the picture. Hmm, apparently my big toe snuck into the picture without my knowledge .

My wonderful M2N-SLI Deluxe...

Followed by my crapp...I mean wonderfully fast 8600GT OC

And here is my poor P180...I feel so sorry for it...

Now, for some reason, in all of my excitement and frustration I forgot to take an image of just the PSU installed. The cursed screw holes wouldn't line up to much my anger, a little force later, I managed to shove it in there . Luck fully, I remembered to take a picture once the mobo was in! I was allready impressed with the amount of room I was going to have in this thing.

Ok, the tool less HD installation angers me greatly. After using the P180 with it's shock sponge things and complete metal holding it in place, this just feels cheap. It's literally 2 plastic rails you press into the side of your HD and slide it into place. Felt so cheap and not very stable to me, and really was one of my true disappointments.

So as things continued on, I finally got all of the parts installed, though I must say my number one reason to hate the tool less creation of this case had appeared. The bracket to hold in your cards should burn in hell. It does a horrible job of holding anything in place, and just makes me want to hurt a little anima...err...punching bag...yes...punching bag...Anywho, let's see what a little work did for me!

True, I didn't do That much for cable management in the case at the moment. Why? Because, on Thursday I'm ordering water cooling, and am going to have to rape my case to install everything, so I figured it's not worth the time right now.

Ugh, this is where my current mess is really located. The psu is a giant jumble of wires and looks horrible, thankfully it's hidden for now . Also, the other half of my wires are lying along the bottom of my case as you can see!

Now with the side window on...

Sexy. Now, let's look at it when we finally turn the power on shall we! Just ignore the fingerprint...

And of course, the inside after all my hardwork and dedication

So, yeah, I'll be updating this once the water cooling parts I'll be ordering on Thursday arrive. Which is where you will really see my case shine so to speak, with the sexy water cooling installed and proper cable management done, this thing should be a BEAST!


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