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My System Specs


Originally Posted by random_2 View Post
Ok.....Read-em and weep, you girly men.

This little baby has to keep her clothes on because if I let you look under her skirt, you'd be following her like
dogs in heat. There's little if anything I cannot do on this veritable power house. From spread sheets, to email,
shes' got it covered!

Upgrades? Who needs them. When you start at the top of the technological heap, you never get stale. Only
part I've ever had to replace was the riser card. It damned near took the whole damned house when it went.
Yes sir she's a might powerful. Good thing the card only cost 1286.00. Course that's not including the cost of
recharging my three fire extinguishers, and the water damage to the family room...oh.....and I had to buy a
new desk. A small price to pay for being on the vanguard. For being one of the of the elite.
Baaahahhaha! How did you get a pair of 5870's to fit in there? Is there a model with three integrated monitors for Eyefinity support?
I almost spit my beer out....... almost.
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