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Gingerbee is correct, if you have the SNV125-S2BD/40GB.....that is one kick ass bang for your buck drive you picked up. Drop two of them in RAID 0 and you basically / kinda sorta have a X25M gen2 on the cheap.

No need to worry about stutters. The only issue is that the Intel 2nd gen controller doesn't scale down worth spit. Your 40Gb will be half as fast as the 80gb model....but for the price it is hard to beat.

As for your clone or not to clone question....I prefer to start fresh with SSD upgrades, and THEN make an aconis true image backup image (Home 2010 is guaranteed to work with Win7 and is cheap insurance), so that the next time I upgrade my SSD I just have to restore from backup. YMMV, but fresh installs are the way to go when swapping out a hard drive for a solid state drive.
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