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Originally Posted by Mr. Friendly View Post
I thoroughly enjoyed your review Wankerfx that must have been a real annoyance with the rubber feet too! did you take them off to see if they are indeed not the same in dimensions?

I have to say tho, I take a little bit of exception to the cooling test being your Tuniq Tower interfered with the side panel 120mm fan. I think we'd find most won't use a cooler of that size, which would allow the 120mm to work, which would give some serious help to the cases airflow. the fact that the temps were so similar to the Soprano DX without the side fan, you'd find the thermal properties would change a bit in the favor of the Alpha. I'd love to hear more about the cooling if you were to use an HSF that's not so hefty

again, that was an excellent review!

I hope HC gets the Rogue in for a review, as that NZXT case is the first one to 'really' catch my eye...besides teh Lexa Black
I didn't want to take off the feet, because they do dampen the noise/vibration. I just wedged a piece of paper underneath one of the feet, and now it stands as it should.

I don't have another heatsink to cool my computer with unfortunately, but I've been using the Tuniq Tower 120 as a standard heatsink for all my reviews, so that they are consistent.

The Rogue does look marvelous, it looks like it's meant for LAN parties - something that I should be attending more often during my Christmas break!

Thanks for the positive comments!
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