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I appreciate the inclusion of as many drives during comparison runs as is practical, but one must admit when it is grossly unfair to pit 7200 rpm drives against Veliciraptors and SSD models. So it is wise overall to keep them separate. We are, after all, talking three distinctly different classes of devices here, and, barring a screwup of biblical proportions, the test results will show which class a drive belongs to/in. That is where the special little finer points of seek time, access time, STR, burst, and so on become so important. Even more so the cache and its control algo. More so than most people believe. For some a review that goes into that kind of depth would be more confusing than helpful. For others, "normal" reviews hold relatively little value. Striking that happy medium is the challenge, and that is a gargantuan one given that no one has managed to do it to the satisfaction of everyone yet. The HD reviews at come closer than any to meeting the later needs, but are perhaps a bit overboard for the former. Some day the magical balance will arrive, and perhaps SSD will bring it, as it eliminates some of the physical characteristics of electromechanical drives that cause these problems for reviewers. But the day that will happen in terms of legitimate standards is still about 2 years away. Until that day arrives, it will not be possible to perform anything approaching an unbiased review.
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