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My System Specs


Originally Posted by _dangtx_ View Post
check if teh rig is still there, mebe one of thine neighbours needed a better pc :{D:PD:D

and im one gpu down, but hey..itll be folding for masur so happy folding to dude.
Well we all hope ya can get another GPU client kicking again. We all need ti, every point we can get.

All of my rigs present and accounted for. All clients running normally, none of the logs showing a single glitch for the last 5 days. All of the clock speeds are stable and have not changed, no repoots. Dunno what the hepp is going on but it ain't a problem at my end. Maybe the screwball thing at 0000 CUT versus 9 PM west coast local thing biting me in the arse again, hell I dunno. Got tired of looking at the whole thing. My stuff IS cranking out what it is supposed to. 30k PPD, not 19k. Just that Stanford and thus EOC aren't showing up with all of it. Pissing me off badly but there nothing I can do about it given my time constraints.
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