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My System Specs


I think all the warning really means is not to add further dyes/additives or mix two different colours together. Each colour has it's own chemical makeup I suppose and when mixed, they'll break down and make a mess of everything I imagine.

I've had no issues though using various bottles of Feser One UV Blue, and I'm bad and just use tap water to rinse stuff out. Things are still wet when I throw in the Feser and I've had no issues. Colour has always been consistent, and nothing floating around or anything. There's usually some minor build up of slime I guess you could call it on some of the plastics, namely the top of the D-TEK FuZion v2. Can't seem to remove it either though so I think the dye just soaked into the pores overtime.

I even mixed reused Feser (as in I dumped it, ran it through some coffee filters) and new Feser since I didn't have enough "new" stuff left. No problems with that either.

The only time I found actual gunk in my block was during my first flush, which is understandable since I doubt I cleaned the radiator and what not thoroughly.
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