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Default CPU Upgrade

So basically I'm still running an overclocked Core 2 E7200 system with 1x 4870 1GB.

The question is simple, IS IT worth it AT THIS POINT IN TIME to grab a Quad (Maybe a Q9550?) If so, which one (again Q9550? or any other suggestions) If not, why?

The system I'm using IS in my sig right now, and if I move to a 24" monitor (1920x1200 OR something in Full HD) will my 1GB 4870 still be adequate? Will a move to something like a 5850 or even a 5870 (or whatever NVIDIA will have to offer) be a good idea for the next year to 2 years compared to spending over 1k on an i5/i7 build?

The main reason is my system is able to do everything I want it to, but I find it lacking in the multitasking area.

Sorry put this in the wrong thread, if someone could move it that would be awesome.
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