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Default unsure of power needed for next gen upgrade

Id like to upgrade some things on my machine. I'm looking at getting a 5000 series X2 whenever that comes out, or a fermi 395gtx. im currently unsure of the wattage needed and im sure no one knows what the fermi needs to run. ati we can sort of guess that you put two 5870's together and that might be it. Because of that my upgrades are on hold. What is enough to say yea that should do it? Because eventually i will buy two of them and will need some serious power i think.

from guru3d they did a crossfire review of the cards from ati saying you would be using 376watts for 2 cards. mind you it isnt an x2 its still a good guess at what they will need.

im running a core i7, 6gb ram, 2 hdd, 1 dvdrw, fans, etc.

What would be enough to say im confident that this psu will work fine with the x2 when it comes out or the 395gtx when it comes out. then another confidence that 2 of those cards will work.

I'm thinking a 1200watt for 2 cards?? suggestions on psu's to look at, wattage ranges to look at are all appreciated, thanks
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