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Originally Posted by qwerty View Post

Companies must think that we as consumers are all idiots and will believe whatever some outfit tells us.
The problem is that for a good percentage of consumers, that is the case. It's often too much work to go beyond the surface for them.

That being said, I'm sure there are a lot of people who want to see beyond the fluff but are unsure of how to or where to go.

I for one am pretty impressed with HWC's commitment to report positive and negative aspects on their hardware reviews, which was one of my main draws to the site in the first place.

The whole incident is unfortunate, but expected. It happens almost everywhere now - whoever has the money has the control to the detriment of the consumers and the less than decent products they often get peddled.

At least the incident highlighted the fact that fundamentals do matter - if you make a good product, you're set. And if you (indirectly) pay people off because you control their salaries and want to make sales despite having a less than stellar product...well it will eventually come out.
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