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Originally Posted by donimo View Post
here is what my 6750 is at right now

so, yeah, yours is hot.

I would take the heasink off and make sure you have a nice evn coat of a good compound (thinner is better) and mounted right.
so i win :)

Intel C2D E6750 @ 2.7ghz
xfx 650i ultra motherboard
xfx 7600GS
Corsair 1GB DDR2-PC 5400

Seagate 320GB sata ll 7200.10
& 40GB
WD-250GB sata ll & 120GB
C-Master 430 watts psu
Sony DRU-830A
Antec Black spider case (9*80mm Fans)
1x120mm Aerocool xtreme Turbine,1x120mm Aerocool silver lighting.
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