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My System Specs


Originally Posted by encorp View Post
It makes sense sort of, I'd imagine it has something to do with the OS picking up devices connected to the video cards, and for whatever reason it wont fold if a device isn't plugged in, some stupid Microsoft bug.

Oddly enough i have a sort of similarly odd story, an electrician came by the house to fix a fuse panel that blew, when he left - for whatever reason my stove range stopped working, but if i turn the nobs on the stove it turns lights on and off all over the house, and the oven nob works as a dimmer..

I SWEAR TO GOD its true, the electrician did not believe me till he came to my house; said he's been in the business 21 years and has never seen such a thing... I dunno what he did when he replaced my fuse panel but god damn it was pretty funny to try and cook and chicken and watch every light in the house go on and off as i turned the knobs up!
LOL. Did he just put your stove in series?
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