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Default PS3 Mobo red light

Ok guys. I recently got a free PS3 Broken. no warrenty or anything. and i thought i could fix it.

So, after i cracked her open, i saw liquid on the MoBo... that's always a bad sign. so, 3 hours after scrubbing it down, I tried it. but... no go. so maybe the PSU? nope. wired it up to a ATX and still same problem. Oh and if you are wondering what its exactly doing. It turns green 1 sec yellow then 3 beeps and blinking red light. So i decided to be meticulous and i have my volt metere out and now i want to test all the contacts to see where I may be having problems... but I do not know how much voltage is suppost to go where. And.. I'm no electrician of any sort.

So my question is. does anyone know how to test a board properly, and does any one know where a MoBo schematic could be found. thanks.
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