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Default Painting MX518 Logitech Mouse with "Carbon Fiber" Effect

Heres the steps taken to dismantle the Logitech MX518 Gaming Mouse. We're painting it with a Carbon Fiber effect

You will find 3, marked cross patterns for screw locations, using blade

Once opened, these 6 screws must be removed. 3 fasten in the switch for the right hand buttons

After removing right side button switch, 3 more screws are located beneath and must be removed

Before you can remove the MX518 mouse cover, you may have to push up the left/right mouse buttons up to clear the mouse body.
Then, gently, pull the cover off towards the rear of the mouse.

Apply masking alongside the MX518 Logitech emblem before prying off emblem with small flat head screwdriver.

To fill in the emblem hole, I'm using Evercoat, Metalworks, Polyester Glazing Putty with Blue Cream Hardener (not pictured)

Filling emblem hole of MX518. After mixing 1/4" size drop of Evercoat with dab of Blue Cream Hardener (not pictured)

If you apply too much filler, use paper towel to wipe off excess filler.

Allow filler to cure for 60 mins before sanding w/ 400 grit sandpaper


1. Wear Filtered Respirator Mask, Approved For Applying Automotive Aerosols

2. Work in Well Ventilated Area

5 coats of Rustoleum Sandable Primer (or until surface is filled)... allow to cure for at least 2 hours

Scuff the final coat sandable primer with 400 grit sandpaper before applying base color coat

NOTE! You can bypass needing a HVLP spray gun like ours, and apply "Aerosol" or Rattle Can Paint to your Mouse instead

The base color coat will be ISUZU factory color "Pewter" by PPG

Gloss Black painted applied over rubber mesh (tool box liner) creates carbon fiber weave pattern

Light coats of Gloss Black will blend in the weave pattern

PPG brand Polyurethane clearcoat applied for maximum durability and shine

You can buff out the clear coat on the mouse, for that extra shine!

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