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My System Specs


I do not agree with the downplaying of seek and/or access time evident in this review, or overplaying sequential read and write speeds either for that matter, which seems to be THE focal point of SSD reviews. What truly separates drives in specific classes from one another these days is the cache, more specifically, the firmware algo than controls it, which is on the drive itself. NO other single factor defines the feel or personality of a drive more than it does.

The 2TB drive barely competes with IBM's ill-fated 75GPX line of years past in terms of access time, but it is nice to see it returning to what should have been normal times for 7200 rpm drives all along. Performance all-round is better though, and everyone likes that. I'd certainly prefer it to huge drives with 13 ms and worse access times, but until SSD is here, legitimized by being standardized and formalized, I'll stick with my Velociraptors.

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