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My System Specs


I think FiXT should be provided with a copy to include this in our video reviews as well

As a benchmark for uhhh... case temperature testing... ya great way to put load on the system

Seriously though if those SOB's think they can get away with the highway robbery of the price and lack of features and shoving stuff down peoples throat - I for one sure as hell won't be buying it until I have confirmed that it is in fact worth the price by play testing first

And if it really turns out to be sh!t I'll have no problems continuing my free trial with a "No Sh1t Added" edition

EDIT: BTW check this out for the truly ridiculous shaft PC gamers are getting: PC Modern Warfare 2: it's much worse than you thought - Ars Technica

Here's my favorite quote:
Moriarte: Ignoring, is the PC version a direct port of the console version?

Mackey-IW: No, PC has custom stuff like mouse control, text chat in game, and graphics settings.

This is the amount of work that went into the PC version: you are given the ability to use a mouse, to use text chat, and to adjust graphical settings. Are your fears now put to rest?

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