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ok well i was told that the first one must be a folding contest with the same rules as the last one so i say who wants to help me run this thing i am hoping 3oh6 will help out as he is one of the guys that said can not win. now if i can not get 3oh6 to help out is there any one that wants to help. so guys lets get this going and i need help can't do it all my self as if i have to do it all my self then i will just do what ever i want and judge it my self as i would love to see some of u guys custom builing something as a contest my self. as well been working on the chiller will post a couple pics later but so for i have it holding -10c at 200 watts of heat but this is with a crappy water block but still working on it to see if i can get better temps at higher watts. so what ytemps at what watt load do u guys want to see
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