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Speaking from a retailer's POV, you really need to be careful about packing. Because your parcel goes on the same conveyer as the 30lb boxes full of bricks. Newspapers and bubblewrap may suffice for durable things like RAM. But you really need to protect harddrives, and video cards, and anything else that has a heatsink/fan attached.

I would suggest a good static bag and some packing peanuts.

But remember not to over do it, because the receiver always wants to take things apart quick and easy. Duct taping and gluing is a big no no.

You have no idea how much poor packaging I've seen in my days of dealing with returns. Some guys just toss ram in a big empty box thats taped up with enough duct tape to make red green jealous. But its all pointless if it doesn't protect the contents from being bashed about.

Never mail anything in a bubblewrap envolope that you don't want to be bent during shipping.
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