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Exclamation Modern Warfare 2 - HWC Benchmark or Not?

Hey all.

As more and more news is released about the upcoming game Modern Warfare 2, more and more evidence is being brought to light that the PC Game aspect of this title is really simply an afterthought. Now, I will not pass judgement on whether people should or should not buy the game, but after reading a few posts by SKYMTL, particularly the one quoted below, I thought it would we could give our friend SKYMTL a hand in finalizing his decision. So, what better way than to have a little referendum.
Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
This was one article I didn't skim though since I am still sitting on the fence about whether to put MW2 in the GPU reviews. Unfortunately, that kind of inclusion means free advertising for a game that basically rubs its nutsack in PC gamers' faces.
I am not calling for a boycott of the game for personal use (either on console or PC), people are free to buy and play whatever they want. I just feel that, considering the age of the engine and more specifically the treatment this title is receiving from the developpers in respects to the PC version of the game, Hardware Canucks should not legitimize this game by including it in official benches.

+1 against inclusion_Canuck
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