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This reminds me of SKY's post a little while back about the corruption in the hardware review industry, that's what is has become after all, an industry. Just goes to show that it doesn't matter what industry, item or other consumer product is being reviewed those with money will always try to extort influence on those who want some of it.

I seriously doubt that this chap will be out of work for long and probably already has had offers for his services.

Some people still value integrity, and honesty while for others they seem to be just buzzwords.

This whole debacle stinks. I am sure that if and when GS makes a public announcement, and the more heat they feel from members over this they will have to, it will go something like this...This guys dismissal had nothing at all to do with any particular review but instead had more to do with other circumstances that will not be made public...yea sure GS that must be it. It couldn't have to do with companies threat to pull all there ads worth whatever...heavens no couldn't be...

Companies must think that we as consumers are all idiots and will believe whatever some outfit tells us.

Whenever I am shopping for something I always read more then one review, then I'll read a couple more and when I have made a decision and am ready to commit I'll read a few more just to be sure, I suggest you all do the same or I suspect most do.

What really irks me more then anything else is the lack of respect that 'some' companies have for our dollars. Most of us had to work for the money to buy things and work damned hard for it. How dare they not show us the same proper respect, honesty and integrity we showed, hopefully, while earning it...
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