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This is the norm.. alot of the fluff and bs out there is from the need for cash flow.. a strangle hold on writing and editorial freedom if people.

I look at reviews with tepid trepidation. The crap at toms hardware and favoritism towards certain hardware.. the fluff at hard ocp.. it is everywhere.. yeah I almost believe I am treading on thin ice...

You almost got to have an iron set, to resist the the padding of a site.

Hell I can give an honest review of every game out there, i get and and test them and usually throw them in the corner even though alot of sites are glowing with rehashed crap about it.. e
The same with hardware, I rarely get burned due to personal research, I like this site and have hopes for it.

after 30+ years of deigning building and tweaking computers... I have learned to walk a thin line of reality and fluff... one thing though.. if the reviews are too hot.. the product is not..

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