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If the system was flashed up when the leak happened there is a chance you shorted out the card. But that dosen't nessarily mean the end of the world. You've taken the first step to recovering your card, cleaning up the spill. Now I would recommend using some isopropyl alchol to clean the area on the card where the spill occured. The iso evaporates quickly taking with it any latent moisture. Then I would let the card dry for a couple of days before trying the card out.

No guarrantees it will work but electronic gear is quite hardy so long as the card wasn't running when the spill happened or provided it was turned off immediately when spill was discovered and not reflashed prior to a good cleaning there's a good chance it will work.

Some of you may remember a similar incident happened to me recently when my water cooling system leaked and took out my 3870. What is different in case was that the leak was happening over a few days and I only realized there was a problem when my video card failed. By that time it was to late for my old card. Conversly I've had a few other pieces of electronic gear get wet in my day and I've always managed to get it working again with a little patience and a good cleaning.

Good luck, and take your time.

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