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Originally Posted by HaDeS View Post
Sorry to be the devils advocate... wouldn't this just be a lottery? I guess it's just a mix of the both. Yes your correct it does take out some of the people that don't do any kind of OC etc... and possibly give someone with nice stuff nicer stuff... but my whole point remains the same... its an enthusiast prize type... it should go to an enthusiast or someone with some creative ability.
Fair enough, I still like the idea of letting everyone have a chance, but it would definately be a shame having someone win this who doesn't plan to use it to it's full potential. Possibly it could be based off Benchmarks/OC's where you need to beat a reasonably placed mark (possibly scaled to system specs) to be entered, then entries would be scaled according to top scores. This way it's still a lottery, but depending where the mark is set, it would most likely be going to an enthusiast.

Originally Posted by ruffus
ok guys i would love to get this contest on the go so i am not to sure how the last one all worked so if someone could post all the rules and stuff i and we all need to know so that we can get this started. i just need to know like the rules who is keeping track of everything and at the end of it all who is doing the draw
I'm not sure, but maybe you can convince a mod to assist you in being a neutral judging party. Additionally, what kind of competition did you decide on?
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