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While folding contest maybe "boring and unoriginal" it goes to a great cause and with diminishing returns on points allows a wide range of people to get a chance to win something. If you base the contest on overclocks, benchmarks or cooling solutions, then you end up giving the people who already have nice stuff, nicer stuff. A contest like this is awesome cause it gives people who don't have sweet cooling setups a chance to win something sweet.

Alternatively, you could do a OC/Benchmark contest with scaled entries, so the 1st place person gets 10 entries or something and everyone else gets scaled respectively to that score. That would still allow for a wide range of entries, yet those who get best scores (and who would most likely get the best use out of the stuff) have better chances. You could even make it a two part contest, entries for folding and entries for OC/Benchmarking.

A little off topic, but what PS are you using that's now stuck at 100% fan?
Sorry to be the devils advocate... wouldn't this just be a lottery? I guess it's just a mix of the both. Yes your correct it does take out some of the people that don't do any kind of OC etc... and possibly give someone with nice stuff nicer stuff... but my whole point remains the same... its an enthusiast prize type... it should go to an enthusiast or someone with some creative ability. I will keep my 2 cents for round 2 I suppose. Please I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade. Keep in mind some of the proteins you fold can be used for bad or good. Besides the power usage is insane.. they gotta improve their programming not to over heat or ruin hardware. 300 dollar psu shouldn't have even flinched yet it did.

On the constructive side I suppose a fella could always do a bit of both or a bit of 2 or 3 various computer type things and turn it into an all rounder instead of a single discipline.
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