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My System Specs


well i just heard back from a-data usa and this is good news no jumper need they say to update firmware. this is why i like them she did not now about the firmware so she asked them in Taiwan this is order of emails and great news for me and anyone else who has a-data ssd s-592 series.
2nd email from me to adata- thank you very much for getting back to me so soon from my understanding Firmware 1279 can not be flashed with out a jumper which the s-592 does not have.

IN ADDITION, A-Data has announced that as of the upcoming 1819 firmware (sometime in November), they will have a method in place for users to upgrade the firmware on the S592 WITHOUT the need for jumper pins.
[ A-DATA S592 128GB SSD Review source

As you see i would likw mine flashed to that firmware unless a-data and idilnix area going to make them upgradeable from Firmware 1279 with no jumper this goes against what i have been told. please some clarification on this issue. the firmware i have is 1279.
yes or no will i be albe to update from this firmware without a jumper?
Or does the drive have to go back to a-data to be flashed the firmware 1819

Thank once again for all your help Gingerbee

[a-data rep] - Pat,

Our headquarter has confirmed that jumper will not be required for the firmware update. The new firmware should be released on our official website by the third week of November.

Best regards,
So as we can see it seems A-data has some tricks up there sleeve's i have always been a fan of a-data.
I wonder which will come first the firmware from a-data that will let me upgrade without a jumper or g.skill with there we will get to when we feel like it. so far not a fan of g.skill support at all horrible hell just check there forums. but i love my falcons so as long as they do what they say they do and they do i will be happy my problem with g.skill is there hugh lack of support for there own forums that's how you support the masses
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