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What is the problem of your computer previously? and original spec?

And also.... I would honestly try sticking everything on the AMD board and try running it, and attempt to drop some games on it(see below)

Can spend $40 max on CPU if i stay AMD.
And max $70 for new mobo and CPU if i go intel route.
not exactly sure 40 for AMD while you have mobo and 70 if you go intel.. 40 dollar will only net you a LE-1200(I recall it's single core?) which you already have have.. and btw it's under the minimum requirement for HoN... and I am pretty confident there are MMO's that require higher in processing power. Heroes of Newerth System Requirements

there is almost no solution for 70 dollar intel cpu + mobo route.

Just need a power supply.
What's a good option around the 60-80 range.
your 9800 will love you if you pick up a corsair 550, but you might want to try something slightly lower and enchance your budget on the cpu.

Since you are broke.. why don't you keep your PSU? I fail to see selling a psu and then buying a new product will help your situation, wouldn't a few bucks of sound dampening work be a better temp solution?

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