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Default Major Windows 7 upgrade annoyance

Thank goodness this is on my spare gamer, not my main computer. Anyway - the machine was Vista home premium, a 100% legit OEM copy bound to it's P5B asus mobo. Ran the brand new upgrade to Win 7 Home premium (both 32 bit unfortunately) and it installed fine, but:
After a few boots it began to hang on startup. Then it wanted to repair itself but was unable to do so.
In Frustration, I did a clean install (reformatted drive C) with vista, upgraded again to Win 7. Still no joy, it again hangs on boot after a few starts. Normally I would think my hardware was buggy because I do build my own machines and I am not an expert. But this machine was running fine for a couple of years previously, so I'm a little stumped here.
In case it helps:
e6750, Asus P5B, 4 gigs of Mushkin 800, raptor 150, 8800GT, generic PSU (but as I say known to be good as it worked perfect right up to the "upgrade" to 7.)
BTW - the clean install of Vista does work, and I could just live with that I suppose, but I really wanted to add this machine to the other three in my home LAN that are running 7 - call me picky that way.

Any ideas for me?
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