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My System Specs

Default Confused what to do with my computer right now.

Super super duper duper poor.

No CPU, power supply & mobo are suspected.
I plugged in the power supply and it worked fine with 2 other boards (an older P4 board?, and an AM2+ ECS Geforce6100PM-V2.0 that both posted normally, but those were quick tests, don't know if i can hold up) .

Anyways EP45-DS3L, i would test it with another power supply, but i would need say power supply in question, AND a CPU filler.

Right now strapped for cash, but would like to fold / game still ( just HoN / COD4 / CODMW2 when it's out/any and all MMO's i try out) .
So i was wondering if the other two tested positive working, i would sell them off.
Use that ECS AM2+ board which currently has a sempron le1200 along with the 9800GTX+, and i pick up a decent power supply (even if the silverstone is good, i'm selling that sucker fan loud), and go at it for awhile ?

Please don't laugh. I'm actually broke rofl.
Also i have 2gb pc6400 of Patriot ram at 2.2v wth do i do with this .

I have no clue what i'm doing. Note: i'm broke.
Can spend $40 max on CPU if i stay AMD.
And max $70 for new mobo and CPU if i go intel route.
Ram is there so not an issue.
same with video card and case and HDD's.
Just need a power supply.
What's a good option around the 60-80 range.
Considering i get enough money later on and around spring/summer i go upgrade to w.e AMD's best offering is then .

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