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My System Specs


Originally Posted by rjbarker View Post
SuperGrover...very nice,,,,,BUT what a shame no "Window" admire all that beauty!!
Bojangles...couldn't orientate that TRUE west / east ?.....what case is that? offense but the cable management looks a little "hoaky"...(the CPU connectors??..probably could have hid them underneath the GPU)......

Ok...I'm a critic..I know....sorry..
Oh I know I can do better. I wanted to get some 3/4-pin adapters for all the fans so that I don't have to connect them on the motherboard (and hide all the cables behind the motherboard), but the problem with the CPU power cable is that it's too short to travel behind the motherboard to the CPU power connector. It sucks, and I know I could've gone around the other side, but unfortunately I don't really care anymore because I'm looking to get rid of this.

For the orientation, if you look at the way I set it up, the upper fans are pushing air out of the case, so I wanted to use the North/South orientation to aid in dissipating the heat. I had it both ways, and with both orientations they both just barely fit due to the VRM heatsink.

Oh, and it's a modded CM 690 :).
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