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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Canzara View Post
Could you just clarify what you mean by this? My first thought was multiple molex connectors on one rail, but that doesn't seem I'm not really sure your meaning by this?
Multiple rails doesn't really have anything to do with the number of molex connectors or number of cables. It has to do with +12V outputs from the PSU being sourced from different components rather than one single source, or in most modern PSUs, it's just that a single +12V source is divided into several smaller rails each with their own OCP (over-current protection; it basically just limits the amount of current that can be drawn from a single rail before the PSU shuts down to prevent damage).

Separate rails used to be a requirement in the ATX power specification, but it's no longer included. Single-rails are a marketing point for a lot of different PSUs and different PSU manufacturers, but the fact is that all modern multi-rail PSUs are already properly balanced for the load that a modern computer will put on them, so the number of rails is not a concern for most likely upwards of 95% of all computer users. The only time you have to worry about it is with a really oddball or old system that has a different load distribution from most PCs, but your computer doesn't fit that description, so as far as you're concerned, any modern quality PSU, single or multi-rail, will be perfectly fine for your computer as long as it has enough capacity overall.
Originally Posted by snoosebum View Post
Yes I believe that Thermaltake is a Channel Well PSH design.
The EVO Blue is, yes.
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