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My System Specs


Originally Posted by burebista View Post
Enhance is a good OEM indeed (look at CoolerMaster Silent Pro for example) but TT is CWT for their high-end models (Toughpower). :)
TP Quattro is OK, but IMO you have better options nowadays.
If you want high-end stuff choose between Seasonic X series/M12D, Antec Signature, Enermax Revo85+, Corsair HX 750/850.
XFX 850 and PC P&C "Silencer" 910 are both Seasonic M12-D, Antec Signature is a high-end Delta, Enermax is Enermax, Corsair HX750/850 are a superb new CWT platform and Seasonic X 650/750 is probably the best PSU in the world ATM. Ops I already said that.

Another excellent PSU which doesn't broke your budget is Antec CP-850 but you need one of those three cases: P183, P193 and 1200.
Yeah I know of the CWT ones, I never knew they changed around the Toughpower ones, as far as I remembered they were Enhance for a while. Their EVO_Blue are Enhance.
The Seasonic and Corsair HX platforms are so tightly competitive that its really a matter of Brand Preferance and customer support at that point. In which case I would opt for Corsair.

I'm with AKG on having one big fat 12V Rail. That being said however the best Multi-Railed out there IMO is Enermax. Their units are flawless in regulation and ripple.
Either way, so as to not confuse the OP.

ThermalTake, Seasonic, Corsair, XFX, Antec are all very good choices, and bottom line is they are backed by good warranties and great units. So, either route you go, you are set.


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