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I pre-purchased it on Steam for $14.99 and have played it a bit. I have a level 15 (iirc) Vanquisher, basically spec'd like a bowzon.

IMO it feels exactly like Diablo. Not quite Diablo 2, slightly more Diablo since there's only one small town, and one dungeon that just keeps going deeper and deeper. It's very fun in it's own right, but I think it would be so much better (and it would sell so much better) if it had multiplayer. Yes, if you didn't know yet, you just read correctly. Torchlight has no multiplayer.Only the singleplayer "story" mode.

The UI is pretty nice, and overall the art style is pleasant, some would call it "cartoony". As an old D/D2/LoD player waiting for D3 to come out, this makes a fun very Diablo-like game to play while waiting for D3. As I've previously said though, it would be so much better with multiplayer. For me the biggest part of playing Diablo (2 and LoD anyway) was, oh I don't know, the whole "playing with friends" part. While clearing endless dungeons alone is alright, doing it while chilling with friends makes it so much more enjoyable.

However, having been released in the popular "just before Christmas" timeframe, it has many other games to compete with. In the RPG realm there's Borderlands (ok FPS/RPG, but still part RPG nonetheless), and Dragon Age: Origins (which comes out on Steam tomorrow November 3rd) to compete with; and outside of RPGs there's Left 4 Dead 2 and CoD Modern Warfare 2 (both not released yet, but coming soon) which it will also have to compete with, as well as probably a couple of others coming out in the pre-holiday/holiday season.
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