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My System Specs

Arrow Ouch!

To get stuff you have to get out there and pillage. I play a very slow game. I open every box, kill every mob, explore every part of the map, do every quest, etc. I also have no qualms with farming chests for a while and vendor hopping. My second favorite SMG came from a vendor and was definitely worth the eighty some odd thousand I paid for it.

Originally Posted by CanadaRox View Post
... I did have a shield with ~450cap/65regen/extremely fast health regen, but when I loaded my game next time, I had some crap shield with 149/20 and the other shield was no where to be found...
That would cheese me off something fierce! If I found a shield like that I think I might high tail it to the nearest spawn point to make sure it was saved. Health regen shields are the most valuable in the game, IMO.

I think "high capacity" is just window dressing. It means the capacity (or shield strength) is a bigger number than the 'base model' for that level. Since we can just look at the numbers it does not mean much but it makes for pretty pictures.

Here are some named items I found yesterday.

Unfortunately, they were pretty useless. "Boom Stick", , but 0 accuracy means a whole lot of misses.

You can right click on items in your inventory and click "Save Screenshot".
It will be saved in ..\My Documents\My Games\Borderlands\WillowGame\ScreenShots\
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