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I don't get where you find all this crazy stuff!! I'm currently level 31, and I've yet to find a sniper that can compete with my level 17 sniper (~260dmg/98.1acc/0.9 rate/+150% crits/1.0 zoom/3shot clip/Vladof). I did have a shield with ~450cap/65regen/extremely fast health regen, but when I loaded my game next time, I had some crap shield with 149/20 and the other shield was no where to be found. I was definitely pissed, best thing I could find was 480/87 + high capacity (though I still have no idea what high capacity means, any ideas?)

I do have a pretty sweet shotgun though. I don't remember the exact stats but its about 108*9dmg/58.5acc/1rate/-50% recoil or so and another +% or two. Only thing is its only two shots, but with my powerful shield that is usually enough to run straight at an enemy and get two crit face shots on him, and then run and hide (or throw Bloodwing to finish them off).
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