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My System Specs


As you know, the biggest performance gains you could hope for would come from a new GPU and overclocking your CPU- but from what I hear, overclocking is out of the question on the proprietary pc that you have- sswilson or supergrover might be able to confirm this, but your bios is probably locked up.

This may not be possible, bit if you're looking for max performance, and you JUST recently bought that pc from somewhere like futureshop, I would return it for refund and start from scratch as you'll have a much better system if it's based on a better motherboard. Don't be alarmed by this suggestion because there's certainly nothing wrong with your system, and with a good gpu, it will certainly be kick-ass!

As for the Ram-- if you want to save money, I wouldn't bother buying two more gigs at this point- you won't see a great performance increase at this point for the expense.

As for the 8800gtx GPU- I would make sure that it will fit inside that case, as sometimes those prebundled pc's from the big makers are pretty tight inside and those cards are really big.

For the psu, I would go one of two ways-- buy a decent 550W psu that will do you fine for that system, or you could go for something beefier that might do for your next build as well-- but where you only buils every six years, and you won't be overclocking on your current system, I might goo the 550 route and save some money-- let me know which route you think you'll do and I'll make some suggestions
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