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Originally Posted by ayah View Post
The settings are all perfectly safe. And the Tras is perfectly normally for DDR3 @ 1600.
I suggest you run some IntelBurnTest/LinX to make sure your settings are 100% stable.

Also, register your motherboard with eVGA for warranty and download the latest version of Eleet. (I've got 1.06.3)

If your chip is a DO, you should be able to run vcore a bit lower. Some chips will do 3.8GHz at stock (1.200v) volts.
My chip is a DO. I would change my vcore lower but babrbarossa said that the "QPI/DRAM needs to be within .05V of your CPU V".

ALso, i have already registered with EVGA, and will download the new version of ELEET.
Next step is to run prime95.

Is the tRFC safe? its at 88 clocks.

Thanks again!
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