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Default Mnpctech's Guide to Tools For Case Modding.

A lot of people ask me about the Tools and methods I use for Case Modding.

Some of the Tools are unique, I've included examples of how they're used

Safety Glasses

Respirator Mask with canister filters
Use when sanding, painting or using any hazardous chemicals

Rotary Cutting Tool
The most versatile tool for case modding. You can cut plastics, metals, grind and polish. Dremel brand is most popular. Black & Decker and Craftsman versions are also popular.

Dremel Techniques For Case Modding, Part 1

Dremel Techniques For Case Modding, Part 2

I hear a lot of complaints about cutting discs breaking when cutting metal. You need to use aluminum reinforced discs like these Reinforced Dremel Cutting Discs

Reinforced 1.5" Dremel Cutting Discs. Available here

Cordless Power drill
Minimum volts recommened 14.4V) with bit sizes 1/16 through for cutting various mounting holes and
operating hole saw attachments. DeWalt brand power tools.

Hole saw attachments for Drill
For cutting fan holes in acrylic and metal.

80mm = 3 hole saw
92mm = 3.5 hole saw
120mm = 4.5 hole saw

Guide To Using Hole Saw Attachments For PC Modding

Greenlee Knock out Punches
Greenlee part # 730EBB-120 Last time I inquired, they were around $450 in the states + Large 3/4" socket wrench, and 2" socket. I wouldn't use anything less than 19" long socket wrench. Estimated purchase price of $550 new.

Threaded shaft of Knock-out punch

Knock-out punch blade

Ready to cut hole.

You need leverage. Using 19" Socket wrench to draw in knock-out punch balde

Clean Cut

Video with Bill Owen using Greenlee Knock Out Punch


Roper Whitney No. 5 Jr Hand Punch kit available here
Hand punch (estimate $60 new)

(for cutting fan mounting holes or enlarging existing fan mounting holes for rubber silencing grommets)

Hand Punch makes clean fan screw holes. No deburring.

Used for cutting panels and acrylic sheets. (minimum 18 teeth metal cutting blade) Black & Decker brand Jigsaws available here

Hand files
Deburring jagged edges on both plastic and metal.

Mouse Sander
Sanding body filler. Prep case panels for paint.

12 and 24" Combination Square Rulers
Aligning windows, fan holes etc

Scotch #4010, Super strength adhesion clear mounting tape. Used for mounting windows in computer cases.

3M Scotch 4010 Mounting Tape Case Mod Tape of the Gods


Pop Rivet Gun
Most chassis accept 1/8 size rivets.

Most Computer Chassis will accept 1/8 diameter Pop rivets, Gripe range .092" - .125" for Computers.

Pop Rivets For Computer Cases

Metal Nibbler
Cutting case panels

Metal Tin snips
Cutting Modders Mesh & Sheet metal

Solder Gun or Pencil

Heat Gun
Heat shrink tubing, bending acrylics/plastics

3M Scotch 233+ Green tape

I was told about this tape at local auto parts and Automotive paint supplier, "Red Rooster" which is now AutoMate. I had to cut a window in a Lian Li full tower, and wanted a masking tape with really strong adhesion, but didn't leave glue-like residue. It's been used in majority of my own projects and modding guides since*

More Tools, but no photos yet..

Phillips Screw drivers(variety of sizes)
Wire Stripper & Cutter
Butane Torch(for use with heat shrink tubing)
Tape Measure
Bench Vise

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